Source: AutoVerdict
August 12, 2019
by Nick Saporito

Facing dwindling sales, Jaguar is reportedly looking to expand its SUV portfolio. The expansion will come in the form of two new compact crossovers, but they may require BMW's assistance to make them happen.*

A new report from*AutoCar*details plans for Jaguar parent JLR to leverage a BMW architecture to underpin the two new Jaguar models and possible additional future products. The two new crossovers are allegedly already in the early stages of development; one will be a compact SUV and the other will be a coupe crossover model similar in size to the first one.*

While development has already commenced on the two new models, JLR has apparently not given them the full green-light for production. Production of both new models--likely to follow the "Pace" nomenclature--is likely in the middle of the next decade.*

JLR is turning to BMW's new FAAR platform, which will underpin most of the automaker's front-wheel-drive models going forward. Most recently found under the BMW 1 Series, the FAAR is designed to support gas, hybrid and battery-electric powertrains. Eventually the architecture will underpin the entire Mini lineup.*

JLR's interest in the FAAR may not end with the two new rumored Jaguar SUVs. The automaker is rumored to be eying the BMW platform to potentially underpin the next-generation Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport. The Land Rover side of the house may also want FAAR to develop a new entry-level SUV, potentially called the Freelander.*

Having JLR leverage BMW architectures actually comes as little surprise. The two automakers have entered into a partnership to jointly develop electric drive units (EDU). The partnership could be extended to include other components, including rumors that BMW will provide four and six-cylinder engines to JLR in the near future.*

It's unclear what the timeline is for JLR to make a decision regarding the potential use of the FAAR architecture, but it sounds like there will be a deepening bond between JLR and BMW.*

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