Source: AutoVerdict
July 20, 2019
by Nick Saporito

There's nothing worse than scraping the front spoiler for your brand new supercar on a speed bump. It can cause damage and--worse yet--be a huge embarrassment. Well, Chevrolet has a high-tech fix for this problem on the all-new 2020 Corvette Stingray.*

The first-ever mid-engine Corvette is equipped with a hydraulic nose-life mechanism that allows the car to raise its nose up to 1.6-inches in under three seconds. While nose-lift features are fairly common on exotic cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, Chevy's is actually taking the mechanism a step further.*

Owner can manually lift the nose by the press of a button on the dash, but remembering to push the button every time you're in the grocery store parking lot would just be too much trouble. For that reason, engineers have tied the nose-lift feature to the car's GPS.*

Basically every time the driver presses the nose lift button, the Corvette will remember the GPS location of the button-press. Going forward, each time the car is in that particular GPS location, the nose-lift feature will auto-engage. Chevy says the car will remember up to 1,000 locations.*

Check out the below video, highlighting Corvette's optional Front-Lift feature.

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