Source: AutoVerdict
July 18, 2019
by Nick Saporito

Today is the day. Later this evening Chevrolet will formally revealed the 2020 Corvette to the world, but that hasn't stopped at least one official photo of the supercar's interior from leaking out.*

Originally found on Twitter, this photo appears to be the real-deal. The steering wheel matches that of an official photo Chevy released earlier in the week and the overall interior shape appears similar to what has appeared in various spy shots of the car over the last six months.*

The interior design is almost an evolution of the driver-centric cockpit theme found in the C7 Corvette, but clearly designers have taken it to an extreme. With a dramatic dash wrap-around that runs the length of the center console, this design is clearly more dramatic than today's Corvette. This dramatic design element appears to house many of the car's instrument panel controls.*

There also appears to be a large touchscreen display and Corvette's iconic heads-up display.*

All-new for 2020, the eight-generation Corvette will be the first car to be built on a mid-engine layout. Expect all of the details and a full view of the car later this evening.*

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