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Thread: Genesis Goes Small With Mint Concept

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    Genesis Goes Small With Mint Concept

    Source: AutoVerdict
    April 16, 2019
    by Nick Saporito

    Genesis has quickly made dramatic concepts a thing at the New York Auto Show. This year the brand is continuing the trend with the reveal of the Mint Concept, a new city coupe concept that sports and electric powertrain and some wicked scissor doors.*

    The Mint is technically a two-seater, with a claim-to-fame in the form of a cargo area that is accessed via scissor doors on either side of the car. The idea is certainly unique and would likely allow owners to maximize the use of their tiny little two-seater hatchback.*

    Keeping with a trend in Genesis concept cars, the inside of the Mint is fairly minimalist. It's tan and really doesn't have a lot going on otherwise. There's oddly three pedals visible in the press images, though a battery-electric powertrain does not require three pedals. Perhaps there is more to the story there.*

    Speaking of its electric powertrain, details are fairly scarce there as well. All we know is that the Mint can go about 200 miles per charge and it supports fast-charging via a 350-kW charger.*

    For now there is no indication the Mint Concept is foreshadowing any kind of production car in the near future. It appears to be a concept to garner attention to the Genesis brand, which is still fairly green when it comes to the luxury car world.*

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    The market: "We want utilities! We want utilities!"

    Genesis: "Here's a small hatchback."

    The Genesis launch has been a disaster and this concept reenforces that.

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    It's kind of cool but not what the market is into right now.

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