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Thread: Flagship Jaguar J-Pace SUV to Arrive in 2021

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    Flagship Jaguar J-Pace SUV to Arrive in 2021

    Source: AutoVerdict
    March 25, 2019
    by Nick Saporito

    For the last two years rumors have circulated regarding the possibility of a flagship Jaguar SUV. Well, apparently such a model is still two years off, but is now firmed up as the J-Pace SUV. The new SUV will be built on an all-new platform and come standard with a plug-in hybrid powertrain.*

    Thus far Jaguar is mum on the topic (of course), but that isn't stopping sources from speaking with*AutoCar*regarding the J-Pace. Details are still scarce, but it is known the J-Pace will be built on the MLA platform, which is slated to underpin nearly all Jaguar and Land Rover products by 2025. This mostly-aluminum architecture will be lighter than the D7 and D8 architecture the company is using today, and also be designed for full electrification.*

    Speaking of electrification, sources suggest the J-Pace will come standard with a plug-in hybrid powertrain that will include an electric motor at the rear axle. Details are unknown, but it is expected to yield a total EV range of about 50 miles.*

    While the J-Pace is expected to arrive in 2021, a battery-electric version is slated to arrive sometime after the initial launch. At least one variant is expected to be powered by a turbocharged version of the company's*Ingenium straight-six.*

    Expect to hear additional details of the upcoming J-Pace as it gets closer to launch. A concept version of the J-Pace would be out of character for Jaguar, so it may be awhile until solid details are official.*

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    I really wish the F Pace were a little bigger. It's so beautiful, but a little more space would be nice. I wonder if the J Pace will be Range Rover Sport sized or full Range Rover? Can't believe it's still 2 years out, it's already been road testing mules for 2 years.

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