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Thread: Cadillac Adds Some Sport to XT5

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    Cadillac Adds Some Sport to XT5

    Source: AutoVerdict
    February 7, 2019
    by Nick Saporito

    With every new model Cadillac has been taking a consistent approach of offering its models with two distinct trim levels: Premium Luxury and Sport. Well, the older XT5 does not offer this cadence because it launched prior to the trim level change rollout, so Cadillac is offering a stop-gap with a new XT5 Sport.*

    This limited edition XT5 is a lighter version of the brand's Sport trim level offered on the XT4. This means there's a new gloss-black grille, clear taillight lenses, 20-inch grey wheels, side assist steps and unique interior trim.*

    It is worth mentioning this setup is not as drastic as the XT4 Sport, which effectively blacks out all of its chrome trim when the Sport trim option is selected. Other Cadillac Sport models offer a black mesh grille versus the gloss black found on this XT5.*

    Resting behind that gloss black grille is the same 310 horsepower 3.6-liter V-6 that powers all other XT5 models.*

    Buyers can add the Sport package to the XT5 Luxury and XT5 Premium. The option will be $2,995 for Luxury and $1,995 for the Premium model when it goes on sale this spring.*

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    Weak Effort

    You say that this is a stop-gap, but they couldn't do some revised suspension tuning for the sport model?

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    Cadillac seems to be aping the Lexus approach: some performance-oriented cars but more luxury-focused CUVs. But, given the gaps in their product portfolio, it's hard to see where they are headed; are there a couple of more emotive coupes coming to round out the car line? Will the replacements for the XT5 and XT6 move from market competitive to market leading? Right now, it all seems half-done, although 'wait until next year' could be GM's official tag-line!

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    Sport. Ha ha ha ha.

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