Source: AutoVerdict
February 6, 2019
by Nick Saporito

Not only are the truck wars heating up, but so are the tailgate wars. Ram has decided to join in on the trick tailgate game with its new Multifunction Tailgate, which will be offered on the Ram 1500 going forward.*

Intended to be an answer to the GMC Sierra's Multi-Pro tailgate, Ram's opens via a 60/40 split, giving folks easier access to the bed. Ram says despite the 60/40 split, the tailgate can be lowered in a traditional fashion manually or via a remote. In fact, Ram says its trick tailgate has given up no durability versus a boring, normal tailgate with a weight rating of 2,000 pounds.*

Ram is also adding a new bed step to compete with Ford and GM trucks. Unlike the other two, Ram's step is hidden under the rear bumper and requires you to "kick" it out to use it. Thus far Ram has not offered any photos of its new "man step."

At this time there's no word on what the price tag will be for Ram's fancy tailgate. We can all thank Ford for this since they launched the tailgate wars a few years ago with their integrated "man step."

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