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Thread: Report: Cadillac Will Introduce Tesla-Fighter on Dedicated EV Platform

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    Report: Cadillac Will Introduce Tesla-Fighter on Dedicated EV Platform

    Source: AutoVerdict
    January 11, 2019
    by Nick Saporito

    General Motors is expected to announce Friday plans to rollout an all-new dedicated architecture for battery-electric vehicles. Dubbed the 'BEV3' architecture, is is expected to first underpin an all-new Cadillac model geared towards competing with Tesla.*

    Citing two sources familiar with the matter,*Reuters*reports the automaker will not disclose any details surrounding the first product to utilize the new BEV3 architecture aside from the fact it will be a Cadillac product. GM is expected to position Cadillac as its primary brand of battery-electric vehicles.*

    In 2017 GM publicly announced the company will introduce a new dedicated battery-electric vehicle architecture in 2021. The new platform, at the time, was said to be very flexible and ultimately underpin around 20 GM products. It is anticipated BEV3 is the architecture the company was referencing.*

    At the time GM said the new architecture would be flexible enough to build everything from a compact crossover to a large seven-seat SUV, meaning the first Cadillac to rollout on BEV3 is anyone's guess for now.*


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    Glad to see things are moving along quite well. The timing of the debuts are looking to line up with the competitions releases. Along with the next gen models from Tesla.

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