Source: AutoVerdict
January 4, 2019
by Nick Saporito

Infiniti has decided to release a singular photo of its QX Inspiration Concept, which will be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show later this month. While the photo gives us a clear, non-teaser look at the QX Inspiration, we no little more about the concept.*

Unsurprisingly, the QX Inspiration Concept is basically the crossover version of the Q Inspiration Concept Infiniti showed last year. Both concepts have been pure electric vehicles, underscored with the above concept by the fact it hardly has any type of grille opening.*

Overall, the design of the QX Inspiration Concept seems to stretch the language used on the Q Inspiration a bit further. Aside from the lack of a grille, the headlights are also more dramatic and the overall body is sharper than what we're used to seeing from Infiniti.*

While it's great Infiniti decided to show off the QX in full glory, the details will have to wait until its reveal on the 14th of January. Expect to hear further details about its electric powertrain given the fact Infiniti parent Nissan says it will reveal more fully-electric vehicles in the near future.*

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