Source: AutoVerdict
November 29, 2018
by Nick Saporito

This week Lincoln rolled out the all-new 2020 Aviator SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. While the new Aviator is packed with a ton of technology, there's one new feature on this luxury SUV that is worthy of a stronger mention. The feature? The ability of owners to not carry a key fob at all.*

Aptly named "Phone As A Key," Lincoln's new feature will, as the name implies, allow Aviator owners to authenticate themselves to the vehicle with their smartphone. Leveraging a Bluetooth connection between the device and the Aviator, the Lincoln Way app on an iOS or Android device will basically act as the key fob.*

Lincoln says the system will allow up to four unique devices to be paired to the car at a time. There's also safeguards in place in the event your smartphone dies while you're out and about in your Aviator. Owners will have a set of backup codes they can enter to unlock and start the Aviator without a key fob or their smartphone.*

Lincoln isn't the first automaker to rollout this technology. Tesla has been allowing owners to utilize their phone as a key fob. Other automakers have offered other variations of the technology, such as Land Rover's Activity Key, which is a waterproof fob with no buttons.*

The all-new Aviator will go on sale next summer. Buyers will enjoy the world of now car keys right out the gate.*

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