Source: AutoVerdict
November 14, 2018
by Nick Saporito

Toyota has decided to leverage its respected TRD division to add some zest to its Avalon and Camry sedan models. Scheduled for full reveal later this month in Los Angeles, Toyota is already showing them off on its social media channels.*

When we saying showing off, we mean they are just telling us what they look like without any substantive information. Unsurprisingly, both sedans look more athletic than their mainstream variants. The Avalon is sporting gloss black trim and blacked out wheels for an aggressive new look, while the Camry actually doesn't look significantly different. The rear of the Camry offers the most uniqueness over the normal version.*

Thus far Toyota has avoided confirming any technical details on these new TRD-badged vehicles. It's assumed at this point both sedans will offer their normal powertrain with little to no upgrades versus the run-of-the-mill models. Basically, these sound like appearance packages more than anything.*

This marks the first time Toyota has rolled out the TRD badge on the Avalon and Camry. The move probably makes sense given most competitors offer similar sporty appearance packages.*

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