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Thread: Toyota Considering Trimming U.S. Lineup

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    Toyota Considering Trimming U.S. Lineup

    Source: AutoVerdict
    November 6, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    Toyota Motor Company is taking a "hard look" at its U.S. lineup to combat waning demand for its products. The company cautions no decisions to trim its lineup have been made just yet.*

    Yesterday during the company's quarterly earnings report, the automaker's North America CEO Jim Lentz confirmed a review was underway to determine if Toyota's U.S. lineup was competing in profitable segments.*

    We are taking a hard look at all of the segments that we compete in to make sure we are competing in profitable segments and that products we sell have strategic value," Lentz stated on the earning call, reported by*Automotive News.

    Despite the review, Lentz says the company is not considering a complete wipe-out of its passenger car lineup like Ford Motor Company is conducting. Instead, Toyota will review some of its specialty cars like coupes and convertibles. Of course, the only coupe in the Toyota lineup right new is the 86 and the upcoming revived Supra.*

    Toyota has not offered up a timeline as to when it expects its model review to be complete. It's worth mentioning the company reported a $5.09 billion quarterly profit in the fiscal quarter ending September 30th. It's solid financial results suggest any pruning of its lineup at this point it an attempt to get ahead of any future financial issues.*

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    Sequoia and the Yaris hatch are doomed.

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