Source: AutoVerdict
October 12, 2018
by Nick Saporito

Luxury automaker Jaguar is in the advanced planning stage of potentially becoming an all-electric vehicle brand. The transition could begin soon with completion happening over the next decade.*

According to a report from*AutoCar*the brand's product planners have already drafted an outline of what the brand could look like if it were to transition to all EV's. Effectively the plan calls for Jaguar to replace all of its conventionally powered products with electric vehicles as the current range reaches its end of life over the next five to seven years.*

Jaguar's seriousness with electric vehicles has already been proven. The brand already has its electric crossover, the I-Pace, on the market. Jaguar is also expected to replace its flagship XJ sedan with a pure electric car in 2020. The idea is that the electric XJ will be a suitable rival to the Tesla Model S and provide Mercedes-Benz S Class buyers with a pure electric alternative.*

On the crossover side of the house, Jaguar's XE and XF are expected to ultimately be replaced by a crossover that's slightly larger than the Audi eTron, under this plan. The current E-Pace and F-Pace models would be phased out. A new I-Pace would arrive in 2025; collectively a new I-Pace and all-new model would allow Jaguar to compete in the luxury crossover arena.*

The only remaining loose end in this product plan is what would happen to the F-Type. Right now Jaguar has no clear replacement for the F-Type sports car, but a transition to electric could open the door for an all-new sports car for the brand.*

According to the report, Jaguar's internal estimates suggest that an all-electric lineup could yield the brand sales upwards of 300,000 per year. That said, despite the advanced nature of this plan to go all-in on electric, the plan has not been given the full green light just yet.*

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