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Thread: Off-Roading Causing Chevy Colorado Airbags to Deploy

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    Off-Roading Causing Chevy Colorado Airbags to Deploy

    Source: AutoVerdict
    September 15, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    Some Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 owners are experiencing their airbags deploying while off-roading. Off-roading, of course, being what the truck is designed and marketed as doing best.*

    Jalopnik*uncovered the situation after the publication found several videos online showing the circumstances in which the curtain airbags are deploying. In most cases, it appears the truck was undertaking some light off-roading and tilting to one side. Nonetheless, the curtain airbags deployed even though the actual risk of a rollover appeared minimal.*

    Chevrolet says the trucks are operating normally:*"We are aware of this situation happening on rare occasions. The reason it would occur is that head-curtain airbags are designed to deploy if the sensing system predicts that the vehicle is about to roll on its side."

    Perhaps there is no actual malfunction on these trucks, but it is possible the rollover sensor is calibrated to be too sensitive. Though Chevy's statement does not imply the company feels the same way about the sensor just yet.*

    For now some owners are removing the airbag fuse, cutting power to the system to mitigate the risk of the airbags deploying unnecessarily. Of course, pulling the fuse is putting the occupants at risk in the event the truck actually does have a rollover.*

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    In reading the story it is as I figured, most likely overly sensitive sensors or such.

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    This also happened to a guy driving a Camaro on the a race track. I believe there is a video on YouTube.

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