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Thread: 2019 Chevrolet Volt Gets Quicker Charge Times

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    2019 Chevrolet Volt Gets Quicker Charge Times

    Source: AutoVerdict
    June 29, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    While the long-term future of the Chevrolet Volt is questionable, Chevrolet is still investing in the car's short-term future. For 2019 the Volt will charge quicker and offer a few more conveniences to its drivers.*

    Chevrolet is swapping out the Volt's existing 3.6-kW charging system with a new 7.2-kW charging system on the high-end Volt Premier trim level. The new system is optional on Volt LT, while the existing system remains the standard fare on LT.*

    “With about twice the range added during 240V Level 2 charging sessions, the 2019 Volt’s 7.2 kW system makes opportunity charging more worthwhile,” said Jesse Ortega, chief engineer, Chevrolet Electric Vehicles. “It effectively extends the vehicle’s all-electric driving range, while providing about twice the range for the money when plugging in at public facilities that charge by the hour.”

    The new charge system will allow the Volt to fully charge in about 2.3 hours on a 240-volt charger.*

    Additionally, 2019 Volt's will offer the ability to defer the activation of the engine-assisted heater in cold climates. Owners will be able to avoid the engine coming on to heat the car down to temperatures of minus 13.*

    The 2019 Volt also features new Low and Regen on Demand profiles that enable increased regenerative braking capability when drivers let off the accelerator pedal. The feature helps the vehicle achieve its class-leading EV range, and the updates come with an improved driving feel with smoother operation when slowing.

    Lastly, Chevrolet has upgraded the Volt to its latest infotainment system, dubbed Chevrolet Infotainment 3. The software update includes a new Energy App to assist Volt owners in getting the most energy out of their car.*

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    2.3 hours is not too bad all things considered.

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