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Thread: FCA Announces Proposed 2022 Jeep Lineup

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    FCA Announces Proposed 2022 Jeep Lineup

    Source: AutoVerdict
    June 1, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    In his final hurrah, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne revealed the company's new five-year plan. Much like the first five-year plan the executive rolled out in 2014, this one is laced with quite a few future product details. The Jeep brand is also in the spotlight of this plan.*

    While Jeep's future product plans are juicy (and we'll get to that), the brand started its presentation with an overview of its new services. Like many brands, Jeep is going to launch a new subscription service that will allow owners to "borrow" Wrangler's and Jeep's Hawk models. Each purchase of a Wrangler or Hawk gives the owner "Jeep Coins" to spend toward borrowing another model. Folks will also be able to buy Jeep Coins.*

    In addition to the Jeep borrowing program, Jeep will also be part of a broader FCA subscription service that will offer users the chance to rotate through FCA products using a tiered pricing approach.*

    Combined with an increased presence within the Jeep fan community, the brand is collectively referring to its new services initiatives as Jeep Wave.*


    During the last FCA plan the company offered more details as to when its future products would arrive. As many in the industry know, those times frames did not hold up well, so FCA has avoided that mistake this time.*

    This time Jeep is giving us a snapshot of its lineup from today and a snapshot of its 2022 lineup and the delta between the two.*

    Below is what Jeep says its 2022 lineup will look like. Note that company says it will offer an electrified version of every by product by 2022 as well.*

    New Urban Utility
    Plug-in hybrid
    Redesigned Renegade B Plug-in hybrid, EV, L3 autonomy*
    Refreshed Compass C Plug-in hybrid, EV, L3 autonomy
    Wrangler C Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    Redesigned Cherokee D Plug-in hybrid or EV, L3 autonomy
    New 3-row crossover D Plug-in hybrid or EV, L3 autonomy
    Grand Commander (China) D Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    Jeep Truck D Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    Redesigned Grand Cherokee E Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    New Three Row SUV E Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer* F Plug-in hybrid, L3 autonomy
    In total, Jeep is promising four battery-electric vehicles and 10 plug-in hybrid vehicles in its lineup by 2021. The company also expects to have level three autonomy across its model lineup by 2021 as well.*

    The plan, as laid out above, will give Jeep market coverage across the entire utility segment globally. This will be an important milestone for the brand as it is also aiming to sell one in every 12 utility vehicles globally by 2022 - an aggressive plan, to say the least.*

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    We have heard about a Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer for a while now but nothing has happened yet. I wonder if it will be body on frame and be a true competitor to the Tahoe/Suburban and Expedition/EL or are they going to really try to push it up market and compete with the likes of the Escalade and Navigator

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