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Thread: AI? neural networks, autonomous/self-driving?

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    VERY interesting & imho/afaik much more FACTUAL than most ... with the EXception
    not sledgehammering the difference between:
    1- 'NeuralNetwork' = accurate if jargon-y
    2- deep''Learning'' = marketing term/misleading
    3- '''ArtificialIntelligence''' = out right LIE
    the part of the explanation where multiple researchers were saying how FAR they are from REAL a.i.,
    and the best they can do now is maybe = a 3 [THREE]-year old >> ...Now self-driving in Arizona!!

    I wonder if anyone felt that,
    who hasn't had Some/little ComputerScience experience with what I'm just starting to call: T.A.I.
    like TowardsPERFECTION & perfection By DEFinition is IMpossible/sloppy-speak /not-real

    - - - - - - - boondoggle

    was just reshown on my local PBS
    made some realtime corrections...
    intelligence is assumed to be doing things that APPEAR intelligent
    visual processing is a primary tool in this deception/pretense
    the error-rate break-thru [Geoffrey Hinton] for visual-labeling using neural networking [mislabeled "deep learning"] : a bruteforce approach to quantify the validity of labels, ie identification
    when one hears "thousands/millions/billions" of attempts; That IS bruteforce ... Not 'smartness'
    it has taken 60 Years of attempts to get to the previously^mentioned 3 year old level**
    contra [Bill Ford]/autonoy-cars; to incentivize 'learning',
    it might be helpful to put vials of nitro-glycerine on cars' bumpers simulate human death-risk
    re: [Christof Koch], our systems & laws will Not be ready, there are & will be No meaningful protections ... until too late

    ** to get to an 18 y.o. driver's level, we might forecast 18-3years *times* 60 = 900years
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