Source: AutoVerdict
June 13, 2018
by Nick Saporito

Volvo has announced plans to rollout new performance trim levels on some of its models. The new trim level will be engineered by the company's Polestar performance brand and focus on enhancing performance of Volvo's existing plugin hybrid models.*

The S60 will be the first Volvo product to gain the*Polestar Engineered trim, followed by the V60 and XC60. In all three examples the Polestar group is starting with Volvo's T8 trim level, the highest offered on all three models, and slotting in some fairly comprehensive performance upgrades.*

While engine hardware is not changing, Polestar is updating the engine software and controls to add power. The Polestar trim level will push up the power to 415 horsepower and 494 pound-feet of torque; an increase of 15 horsepower and 22 pound-feet of torque over the normal T8 TwinPower trim level.*

Polestar engineers are also swapping out the springs and shocks with*adjustable Íhlins shocks for better handling. In fact, the company says the layout is very similar to the suspension found on the upcoming Polestar 1 performance car. Brembo brakes with six calipers are also added to help curtail the added power, when needed.*

Performance upgrades aren't the only changes. These models will also feature Polestar badging, yellow brake calipers and seatbelts and other small visual changes to denote the Polestar credentials.*

The S60 Polestar Engineered will rollout shortly. Next year will bring the V60 and XC60 versions for a price point Volvo has not yet disclosed.*

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