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Thread: Volvo Giving up on Diesels

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    Volvo Giving up on Diesels

    Source: AutoVerdict
    May 16, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    Volvo has announced plans to ultimately phase out diesel engines from its entire lineup. The phasing out will begin in 2019 with the S60 sedan, which will be the first new Volvo to not offer a diesel option.*

    The news comes as little surprise. Last summer Volvo announced a commitment to launching every new vehicle with some form of electrification. Volvo's push for electrification is scheduled to start in 2019, the same time the diesel begins to die.*

    Back in February Volvo Cars CEO*Håkan Samuelsson confirmed the company has stopped allocating capital to the development of new internal combustion engines, both diesel and gasoline. The company views its future has entirely electric, similar to Tesla. Samuelsson reiterated the company's commitment Wednesday with the announcement of the diesel death.*

    Volvo's transition away from the internal combustion engine may be starting now, but it won't happen quickly. Volvo has already confirmed it anticipates half of its vehicles sold in 2025 to be powered by a gasoline engine.*

    In the case of the S60, it will offer a gas-only powertrain offering, as well as two plug-in hybrid offerings. A mild hybrid option will launch next year.*

    Volvo will produce the new S60 at its brand new Charleston, South Carolina assembly plant.*

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    Not a surprise since they said they will no longer do any new gas engines.

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