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Thread: Jaguar Pounces Competitors With I-Pace EV

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    Jaguar Pounces Competitors With I-Pace EV

    Source: AutoVerdict
    March 2, 2018
    by Nick Saporito

    Just as the German luxury automakers finalize their plans for electric SUVs, the little Jaguar brand has came out of nowhere to beat them. Making good on a promise to bring an electric SUV to market this year, Jaguar has formally revealed the production I-Pace.*

    It comes as little surprise the production I-Pace looks nearly identical to the concept version. Thankfully so, too. The I-Pace clearly looks like a Jag product from front to tail, but it clearly has an evolved feel to it; such as a sleeker greenhouse and more modern surfacing.*

    The sleeker appearance is likely a product of aerodynamics. The I-Pace is Jaguar's first battery-electric vehicle, so getting range with the power and feel of a Jaguar has been paramount to the development process. At the I-Pace's core is a large 90-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will send juice to two electric motors; one at the front axle and one at the rear. This level of capacity will be good for 298 miles of range on the European test cycle or about 240 miles on the U.S. EPA cycle.

    Jaguar says the powertrain will generate 395 horsepower and 513 pound-feet of torque, enough power to surge the I-Pace from zero to 60 mph in about 4.5 seconds. So clearly, the I-Pace sounds like it has the credentials to be called a proper Jag.*

    Engineers also say an immense focus was put on weight distribution of the I-Pace. By placing the battery pack between the axels and extensive use of aluminum, the I-Pace has a new perfect 50/50 weight distribution.*

    Inside the I-Pace has stayed true to the concept in theme and form, but some of the extensive screens and tech did not translate to production. Jaguar says some of the features of the concept would have added too much development time for the I-Pace to stay true to its estimated market arrival of July.*

    Nonetheless, the interior looks similar to other recent Jaguar products, but slightly more modern.*Jaguar’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system has two screens in the center console, while an additional LCD panel resides in the gauge cluster. Traditional knobs and rotary dials remain for buyers who still appreciate tactile controls.*

    The I-Pace will also offer a full-length panoramic moonroof that absorbs infrared light, eliminating the need for a shade on it and allowing the cabin to stay cool.

    Jaguar's leapfrog over the Germans will start arriving in dealerships later this year, ultimately being sold in most global markets. This is the first of a whole suite of electrified products Jaguar Land Rover is currently working on.*

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    Interesting (Jaguar-produced) video drag race against the two lower-end Tesla ModelX, both which the iPace will undercut in price. Seems like a pretty compelling package for the price. I love how it looks! Cue 'Lucas, Prince of Darkness' jokes on a Jaguar that relies on electrics to run :-)

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    This is what the MkT should have looked like...

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    ^ umm, you know the MK is about twice the size, right?

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    I guess I am the odd man out, I think this looks awkward and stubby.

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