Source: AutoVerdict
February 14, 2018
by Nick Saporito

Subaru has dropped a teaser shot of its Viziv Tourer Concept, planned for debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. This concept is expected to be a preview of the upcoming WRX wagon, which are slated to arrive in the 2020 time frame.*

Both the name of this concept and the angle of the teaser shot confirm this is, in fact, a wagon. The high decklid is just a dead giveaway of the configuration, while the "tourer" name remains reserved for wagons in Europe.*

Expect the overall design of the Viziv Tourer Concept to be similar to other Viziv badged concepts the brand has debuted to preview future models. Subsequently, both this concept and the following production WRX will be based on Subaru's new Global Platform, which first launched with the new Impreza.

Aside from the design preview this concept will provide us, not a lot is known about the future WRX at this time.**

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