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Thread: New Volvo V40 Previewed

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    New Volvo V40 Previewed

    Source: AutoVerdict
    December 24, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Volvo may have just rolled out its new XC40 SUV, but another 40-series vehicle isn't far behind. The brand is putting the final touches on a replacement for the aging V40 hatchback, a stylish new car previewed in a few new images.*

    European publication*AutoExpress*(more images at the link)*has snagged a few exclusive images of the next V40, which show off a familiar look. The new V40 is borrowing many of its design cues from the XC40 SUV, including its chunky C-pillar and abstract looking lamps.*

    The familiarity between the two 40-series vehicles is unsurprising. The V40 will be the second product to launch of Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture (CMA), the first being the XC40. Familiar underpinnings suggest the new V40 will be slightly larger than today's version and feature many of the same features as the XC40.*

    A host of powertrains will propel the new V40. Two diesel engine options are expected, while Volvo's three and four-cylinder gas engines are also expected. A plug-in hybrid and pure electric version are also expected given the CMA was engineered from the ground up to be electrified. Though the first CMA product to be electrified will not be the V40, but rather the Polestar 2 sedan that is due out in 2019.*

    Volvo has already confirmed that the company will offer a range of battery sizes and ranges in its battery-electric vehicles, so that approach is expected in the V40 as well.*

    When the new V40 arrives it will be battling it out with the likes of the Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Volkswagen Golf (especially the upcoming electrified Golf).**

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    Volvo designers are doing a masterful job on design. The new vehicles look clean and modern and they are doing a nice job differentiating the cheaper cars from the more expensive models. No idea if I'd like how they drive, but right now they are among my favourite new cars designs.

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    I don't like a "V" that's more hatch than squareback-ish wagen
    for a slanty rear I want "S"edan body-shape = Lower
    + preferably rounder/softer/swoopier.

    for me, this is just awkward-looking pix at least

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    Malibu Maxx redux

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    Quote Originally Posted by adk024 View Post
    Malibu Maxx redux

    Except a million times better.

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