Source: AutoVerdict
December 13, 2017
by Nick Saporito

Audi Sport isn't hiding the fact the brand will ultimately offering electrified vehicles. In fact, outgoing boss*Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed Audi Sport's first battery-electric model will arrive in 2020.*

Given Volkswagen Group's quest to electrify many of its models, the fact Audi's performance division has electrification plans is not at all surprising. Winkelmann told*AutoCar, "from 2020 onwards, the start of the introduction of battery electric vehicles."

He went on to suggest that the first battery-electric model will be an SUV, also not that surprising given their popularity. More electrified Audi Sport models will rollout within the decade.*

Despite the battery-electric push, Winkelmann says traditional models will still have a place in the Audi Sport lineup. He says the brand has a host of new turbocharged engines coming, although he offered no details regarding any new traditional models.*

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