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Thread: FCA, GM November Sales Fall; Ford Increases on Fleet Volume

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    FCA, GM November Sales Fall; Ford Increases on Fleet Volume

    Source: AutoVerdict
    December 1, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Two of Detroit's three automakers published sales declines for November. While FCA and GM both saw declines, Ford Motor Company published an increase for the third month in a row.*

    Ford's 7 percent sales increase last month was led largely by an increase in fleet sales, similar to the previous month. The company reported increases in both cars and trucks, while all figures were buoyed by a 26 percent increase in fleet sales.*

    Lincoln brand sales were off 5.5 percent while the Ford brand was up 7.6 percent.*

    FCA's results are more of the same for the company, who has yet to report a sales increase in 2017. The company sales retail sales were up 2 percent for the month, but overall sales declined 3.7 percent as the company continues to wean itself off of daily rental fleet sales.*

    Over at GM, all four of the company's core brands saw sales declines. In total, the company's sales were off 2.9 percent due largely to a reduction in fleet sales. GM retail demand was also flat for the month; a noteworthy statistic as the company works to achieve its first gain in market share in the U.S. since 2011.*

    Standby the rest of today as more automakers begin to report their November sales figures. Initial estimations suggest November was a fairly stable month for industry sales figures.*

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    Just saying...Ford's retail sales also increased.

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