Source: AutoVerdict
November 20, 2017
by Nick Saporito

Following the myriad of Tesla news these days is a bit challenging (likely intention on their part). However, amongst all of the new product news last week is a teaser of an upcoming Tesla pickup truck.*

The original intent of Tesla's most recent product announcement was to discuss its upcoming electric Semi. While the Semi was revealed--devoid of a few key details--it was hardly the only highlight of the spectacle. Slotted into the Tesla Semi reveal with a rendering of a pickup truck based on the Semi.*

In typical fashion, Musk was very vague about the rendering, simply saying that a normal half-ton pickup could fit in the bed. That's a believable anecdote given it appears the Tesla truck is simply a scaled down Semi with a bed and one less rear axle. However, Musk did confirm the truck could be driven with a standard driver's license, implying it will fall under Class 6 truck classification.*

It isn't clear if the Tesla pickup truck in the rendering is intended for consumer use or more of a commercial application. First glance would certainly point more towards the latter application, especially given it doesn't appear it would fit in most people's garages.*

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