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Thread: Polestar Teases New Product

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    Polestar Teases New Product

    Source: AutoVerdict
    October 5, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    The new Polestar brand is beginning a slow tease of a future product the brand's name will appear on. Although it isn't confirmed, this could be teasing the first product to wear the Polestar brand without the Volvo nameplate as well.*

    A few months ago Polestar spilt off from being Volvo's performance brand, only to become its own brand. Polestar says it will be a performance-focused brand of electric vehicles and ultimately plans to rollout its own models.*

    Assuming the teasers are of Polestar's first product, it could be a coupe model. There have been rumors that Polestar is working on a performance coupe with 600 horsepower, but those rumors should not be taken has fact just yet.*

    In the meantime, Polestar is continuing to tease this future product on their Instagram account.*

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    How come all these posts have an "*" at the end of each paragraph?

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    ^ "polestar"?

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