Source: AutoVerdict
September 21, 2017
by Nick Saporito

After leaking out last week, Volvo has officially taken the covers off the all-new XC40. The brand's latest SUV completes its global SUV lineup and is bringing style to the hot-selling compact SUV segment.*

As expected, the XC40 looks like a mix of the 40.1 Concept Volvo showed a couple of years ago and the brand's other production models, such as the XC90 and XC60. Frankly, this appears to be a good combination, because the XC40 looks handsome like the rest of Volvo's lineup, but is clearly more youthful with the blackened roof and sharper angles.*

Inside, the youthfulness continues. The XC40 will offer copious amounts of customization, including vibrant color palettes. The strategy is intended to appeal to Millennial buyers, who seem to be gobbling up compact SUVs these days. XC40's color palette is converging with a similar interior design theme to other Volvo products, centered by a massive touchscreen display showing off the brand's infotainment system.*

The XC40's technology suite will also find appeal with younger buyers. Like the larger Volvo's, the XC40 is offering Pilot Assist and other active safety features Volvo now rolls out on all of its models.*

Volvo is also launching a new service with the XC40, called Care By Volvo. The service sounds like a lease 2.0 deal, in which the buyer leases the vehicle, but the lease includes other items such as fuel and a concierge service.*

Those wanting to purchase an XC40 the old-school way at launch will find the all-wheel-drive T5 model equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine for $35,200. In 2018 Volvo will roll out a front-wheel-drive option for a lower entry price, while Europe is also gaining diesel and three-cylinder gas versions.*

Volvo has also confirmed plans for a plug-in hybrid and fully-electric variants of the XC40.*

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