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Thread: Here's Honda Adorable Urban EV Concept

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    Here's Honda Adorable Urban EV Concept

    Source: AutoVerdict
    September 12, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    The adorable Honda Urban EV Concept has been revealed in Frankfurt. The small electric car has a bit of a throwback flair to it and will actually find its way into production for the European market in 2019.

    At first glance the Urban EV Concept has a lot of borrowed design cues. Yes, there's some Honda Civic legacy design in there, but the c-pillar has a lot of Saab 9-5 in it, while the upright front clip almost reminds one of old BMWs. Regardless, the little EV is quite attractive given its super-mini footprint.

    The exterior design is highlighted with a lighted Honda H within the grille, which is actually just a display. Literally, the Urban EV uses the grille area as a screen to display messages, such as charge status. Honda says drivers can even display messages for other drivers, which should be a very interesting feature if it finds its way to production.

    Inside, the Urban EV features a very minimalist interior design that centers around grey cloth and wood trim. There isn't much to the design, which is perhaps a good thing given the car's small size. Despite that said, Honda has managed to throw in four seats in the car; the rears being accessible via coach style rear doors.

    The all-electric car is built atop a new Honda architecture that's dedicated for EV use. The production version of this car will be one of two dedicated EV's Honda has confirmed as part of their electrification plans.

    A production version of this adorable little car is expected to launch in Europe in 2019. So far Honda isn't saying that it will come stateside, but if fanfare is high enough, we suspect they'll find a way to bring it across the pond.

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    This retro style might work better in Japan.

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    For those too young to remember the original:

    These were brilliant driving cars in their day, but mere dampness turned the bodies to iron oxide. I think Honda did a great job capturing the spirit of the original: a small, affordable car with a lot of solid engineering.

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