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Thread: Chevrolet Gives Lineup The Redline Treatment

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    Chevrolet Gives Lineup The Redline Treatment

    Source: AutoVerdict
    February 9, 2017
    by Nick Saporito

    Chevrolet is using this week's Chicago Auto Show to show off its new Redline models. Redline will be the brand's new sporty appearance package, a trend we're seeing across the industry as an attempt to standout and attract younger buyers to their dealerships.

    The Redline concept is not a new one at Chevrolet. Chevy has shown Redline themed concepts at the annual SEMA show, including some a few months ago at the most recent show. Although we have to note the irony that GM's defunct Saturn brand used to utilize the Redline name for its performance cars. Apparently the trademark survived the bankruptcy.

    “Redline is another example of Chevrolet bringing SEMA concepts to showrooms,” said Brian Sweeney, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet. “The SEMA show has proven to be a great way to identify customization trends in the industry, and quickly apply those trends to our most popular Chevrolet models. Based on the strong interest Redline attracted at the show, we believe they will be very popular with customers looking for standout cars, trucks, and crossovers.”

    All Redline vehicles are equipped with black wheels featuring distinct red hash marks, black nameplates with a red outline, blacked-out grilles and black Chevrolet bowtie logos. Beyond that, design cues vary for each Redline model to increase uniqueness.

    Chevrolet will offer Redline variants of the following models:

    • Cruze LT (sedan and hatchback)
    • Malibu LT
    • Camaro LT/SS (coupe and convertible)
    • Trax LT
    • Equinox LT
    • Traverse Premier
    • Colorado LT
    • Silverado Double Cab LT Z71, Crew Cab LTZ Z71

    Silverado Redline is available now, with the remaining models staggering in between now and the end of 2017.

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    What's the meaning of this redline treatment if there is no upgrade in the engine. Ugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgill16 View Post
    What's the meaning of this redline treatment if there is no upgrade in the engine. Ugh.
    Didn't Saturn have the Red Line tag first? I think then it was an actual performance upgrade too not just a trim.

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    Every time I read an article about the Red-Line Chevy's I fall asleep. Is that the effect this package is supposed to have on people?.

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    From what I've observed, it sure seems "non car" people are more excited about this redline series than "car people"! That can't be good, right?

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