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Thread: McLaren 720S Supercar Leaked in Advance of March Debut

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    McLaren 720S Supercar Leaked in Advance of March Debut

    Source: Jalopnik
    January 27, 2017
    by Michael Ballaban

    Set to be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March, the McLaren 720S has made an early appearance thanks to an Instagram user.

    The latest vehicle in McLaren's Super Series lineup has reportedly been showcased to select customers at exclusive events. Evidently one of the people attending the shows snapped a shot of the new supercar and circulated it. The leaked image has since been made an appearance on an Instragram account for the viewing pleasure of the rest of the world.

    Little is known about the successor to the McLaren 650S, apart from the fact that the 720S will almost assuredly follow the company's naming convention and produce 720 hp.

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    Starting to see a brand design language's cool looking if over the top expensive..,

    Almost ventured off into the 12c as the depreciation was insane until you did some research to see what maintance costs were....even ferraris ca,e away looking inexpensive to maintain...

    I do like mclaren came out with 10 year warranties available but their costs will make your brain explode...

    Still for the uber wealthy that none of this matters too...the mclaren is a special that has landed itself right between Lamborghini and Ferrari very quickly...

    It's clearly a viable alternative....and even the 570s at Porsche turbo pricing has made its mark....

    Again for those with the coin....these are exotics to enjoy without question


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