Those lucky enough to secure an order spot for the returning Ford GT supercar won’t have to worry about their fellow GT drivers having a similar looking car. The Blue Oval brand is offering over 5,000 different combinations of appearance choices.

Of course there’s the standard selection of eight exterior colors, which may be the easy part of this process. Additionally, Ford is offering a selection of five brake caliper colors, from black, silver, blue, orange and red. There’s also five different wheel selections to choose from to flank said calipers. After selecting those two options, buyers can opt for seven different racing stripes or none at all.

Inside is a similar story, where owners can select from various color choices as the interior accent color. This color will hang out on the seats and passenger’s side of the dash. The driver’s side is left mostly black to keep it distraction-free.

So, those forking over the $300,000+ for the new GT will at least be able to feel like they’re getting something unique. With only 250 copies produced a year, the odds of two owners ordering identical cars is probably slim at best.