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Lincoln Teaser Suggests New Continental With Suicide Doors

Lincoln Teaser Suggests New Continental With Suicide Doors

In the 1960’s the Lincoln Continental was icon in part because of its suicide doors. Apparently Lincoln is on the verge of bringing rear-hinged doors back on the Continental, if we’re to believe a new teaser the luxury brand dropped on social media today

Lincoln published the above photo on its social media channels today discussing how center-opening doors were the “pinnacle of mid-century” style back in the day. The post closes with the hashtag #TBT, indicating a “Throwback Thursday” post, but ends with “…or is it?”

Crafty copy aside, we are fairly confident a version of the Lincoln Continental will be revealed in Detroit that features center-opening (“suicide”) doors. What we do not know yet is if the entire Continental will be redesigned in the process or if the fancy doors will be reserved for a new special version of today’s car.

Back in March, reports surfaced suggesting the Continental would ultimately arrive with center-opening doors. The news came out as rumors suggested the Continental would die off after the current generation car exits production in 2020.


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  1. adk024
    For a minimal investment

    Minimal is an understatement! The way the rear doors butterfly up instead of opening flat and level like the front doors smacks of cheap pepboys lambo kit. If it was going to be such a limited run, you'd think they would have taken the time to make it look like the classy saloon it's emulating.
    For a minimal investment, Lincoln will get a whole bunch of publicity for the brand, all of it harkening back to the glory days of the '60s Continental. Pretty brilliant, if you ask me.

    I'm not sure who would want those. I can't imagine parking that in a parking lot; it would be virtually impossible to get out of the rear seat.
    Sharing from a private Lincoln group on Facebook that has inside info:

    Order bank for Special Edition (numbered) Black Label Lincoln Continental opens on Monday, December 17th.

    Approx MSRP is 150k, with 5k deposit...until 80 sold.

    Color options are current Continental Black Label selection, and includes all options available

    Just seems rather weird to develop a model for only 80 units.
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