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Lincoln Leverages Matthew McConaughey In Continental Commercials

Lincoln Leverages Matthew McConaughey In Continental Commercials

Lincoln is continuing using actor Matthew McConaughey in its latest ad campaign for its flagship Continental sedan. In a new series of commercials based on the theme “That’s Continental” the brand went to Reykjavík, Iceland to attempt to capture viewer’s attention.

This new ad campaign is incredibly important to Lincoln, just as the Continental product is to the brand. “It’s fresh, contemporary and very visual,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company.

“While many are familiar with the Continental nameplate, we wanted them to see our all-new flagship in a whole new way,” he continues. “A car as iconic as Continental could only be shot in a unique locale – one not familiar to viewers.”

The ads were directed by acclaimed cinematographer Wally Pfister, known for “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” Pfister’s work on “Inception” landed him an Academy Award in 2011.

Lincoln is starting the campaign with two TV spots, one called “Entrance” and the other called “Crafted.” Although Lincoln has not released “Entrance,” the “Crafted” spot (shown below) focuses on the Continental’s exterior design and beauty, with a few glimpses of the interior.

The “That’s Continental” spots will begin airing on December 31st.



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  1. ScarredKnight
    Even tho the new Continental is not for me ... I really like that commercial ... it should get some heads turning in Lincoln's direction, I would think.....

    Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

    pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc

    "He came to town on a cold dark night" | Collin Raye | 'What If Jesus Came Back Like That?'
    That's on point.
    I like the commercial. The point of a commercial is to get the viewer to want to see more, and I think this is successful at that.

    This is in direct contrast to the Chevy "real actors not people" commercials that make me want to kill people.
    Nice to see them showing of the rear seat a little, that will be a big selling point for this vehicle specially in China if they will air these there.
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