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Lincoln Expanding Chauffeur Service

Lincoln Expanding Chauffeur Service

Lincoln has announced it is expanding its Lincoln Chauffeur service to San Diego. The luxury brand launched the service earlier this year in Miami as a test market for the service that allows Lincoln owners to summons a driver to drive them around and run errands for them.

In the era of ride hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, the concept of hailing a car is nothing unusual. However, Lincoln Chauffeur is certainly a different take on the “gig” economy. The service allows Lincoln owners to request a ‘highly-trained’ driver to come drive them around in their own Lincoln product. The service costs $30 per hour and can be used to be chauffeured or basically as an assistant to go get groceries or other errands on your behalf.

“This is just one more way we provide services to our clients,” says Eric Cin, Lincoln client services manager. “For Lincoln, it’s all about the experience.”

In recent years Lincoln has been experimenting with several new services to complement its renewed product portfolio. Aside from Lincoln Chauffeur, the brand is also testing a pickup and delivery service for when owners need service work performed and an at-home test drive option.

Lincoln is apparently so pleased with the performance of the Chauffeur service that they’ve decided to add San Diego as an additional test market.

“This service is generating a lot of interest among Lincoln owners,” Cin says. “They’re using it for dinner dates, for doctor appointments; they’re recognizing just how convenient it is to have this option available.”

Lincoln Chauffeur is part of a broader initiative Lincoln calls The Lincoln Way, which focuses on creating a comprehensive luxury experience for Lincoln buyers.


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  1. Andrew_L
    On side note, I have yet to see a Continental.

    I have only seen a handful but all at night the tail lights really stick out like the MKX's.
    On side note, I have yet to see a Continental.
    It's an interesting idea. I am 4 hours from Miami so I can't give it a try but if they ever do it at Tampa Bay I would be willing to try it on a night out. At least you know the car you never know what you will get with Uber.
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