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Here's The 3-Cylinder 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Here's The 3-Cylinder 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has finally taken the wraps off the hot version of its new 2018 Fiesta sub-compact. Officially bound for Europe first, the new Fiesta ST has actually dropped a cylinder but will end up being faster than today’s version of the car.

For the ST Ford has taken the base Fiesta’s 1.5-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine and modified it further. The modifications have yielded an impressive 197 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque, matching the horsepower of today’s car and increasing torque by about 12 pound-feet. The slight increase in torque and more efficient packaging will craft faster zero to 60 mph times according to Ford.

As part of the engine modifications, Ford is applying cylinder deactivation to the 1.5-liter. This makes the first-ever application of cylinder deactivation on a three-cylinder engine, which will shut down one cylinder during light loads.

Ford is also introducing three drive modes on the new Fiesta ST for the first time ever in the car. Drivers will be able to select between Normal, Sport and Track modes that will subsequently modify the car’s steering, throttle and stability control systems.

Like the current Fiesta ST, the car will be available in three and five-door configurations. Modifications inside both variants is also similar to today’s ST, which means Recaro seats, a flat-bottom steering wheel and other ST tid-bits.

While the Fiesta ST will launch in Europe early next year, there’s no official word on when the car will launch in North America. So for now, this is the European version of the 2018 Fiesta ST.


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  1. 2b2

    so they DID the 1.5EB ...have we seen bore/stroke? >> wanna know if it's (my) "half a Lincoln 3.0T"!!

    btw - do 'we' know the 3.0T's bore/stroke (& 2.7EB's?)


    my googling for converters:
    200 PS = 197.18 HP

    290Nm = 213.9ft.lbs TQ
    I might seriously consider this in a couple of years, once my kids are old enough that I'm not car-pooling to activities quite as much. I love the idea of the turbo triple. Having three larger sized cylinders (compared to the 1.6 four) should help with off-boost torque and the loss of total valve area (16 valves over four cylinders will breathe better than 12 valves over three cylinders, all else being equal) shouldn't be a huge deal on a boosted engine. I do wish they went with a proper LSD rather than the brake-based 'vectoring' but, given the price of the car I suspect software is a lot cheaper than hardware. I like the look -- evolutionary but maybe slightly less boy-racer -- and much prefer the updated interior.

    Honestly, for someone like me who likes to drive enthusiastically on the street and is realistic about my capabilities, this is way more relevant than the current crop of 600+ hp performance coupes.
    I *Love* the metallic lower-fascia finish & wheels are quite nice

    but the rest of the FiST exterior looks UNspecial to me

    + the interior (tho I don't trust fotos) looks like "the best we can do on our budget" = they let us see they're sweating / trying just a bit too hard to wring blood out of each penny

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