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Future Bullitt Mustang Leaked?

Future Bullitt Mustang Leaked?

Ford just introduced the 2018 Mustang, but we’re already speculating about future variants of the pony car. The 2018 car was revealed with the assistance of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is also appearing in Ford commercials. Well, The Rock posted a behind the scenes video from inside Ford’s Dearborn headquarters that appears to be a new Bullitt.

A keen-eyed reader over at Mustang6G noticed sketches that look a lot like a Bullitt in one of the scenes. While speculative, there are several aspects of the Mustang in the drawings that are Bullitt trademarks. The sketches are in a dark green color, similar to the Dark Highland Green paint reserved for Bullitt cars. There’s also a faux gas cap with crosshairs and torque thrust wheels, two additional trademarks of the Bullitt. The video scene is staged in the basement under the “Glass House” (Ford’s HQ), where the top-secret Ford GT was developed prior to its public reveal.

The heading above the sketches reads, “S550 Mustang MCA.” In Ford world, “MCA” typically means mid-cycle action, or some kind of change to the vehicle without a total redesign.

It’s also worth noting that rumors have hinted of a revived Bullitt edition Mustang for 2018 or 2019. The coveted badge has been on ice since 2009.

If this really is a leak, it’s a rare occurrence out of Ford Motor Company. The Blue Oval is notoriously tight-lipped about future product and usually does not let slip-ups like this happen. However, the video is entitled “behind the scenes” so perhaps this was supposed to happen?

Hit the link above for more screenshots over at Mustang6G. 


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