Today Ford Motor Company trolled Bronco enthusiasts by issuing an official teaser of a beefed up Bronco. Yes, the Ford Bronco that hasn’t even hit the market yet is already teasing future variants. This one looks to be a high-performance variant engineered by Ford Performance.

Spy shots of an enhanced Bronco surfaced last week, so apparently Ford decided to own it and just make issue an official spy shot today. In all the shots the heavily camouflaged Bronco appears to have wider fender flares, necessary to house what looks like massive off-road tires. Thanks to the fact this tester is getting air during the photoshoot, we can also tell the suspension looks modified from the more pedestrian Bronco.  Specifically it has a coil-spring rear suspension setup, similar to the Ranger Raptor sold in global markets.

Rumors suggest the high-performance Bronco will be powered by Ford’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter EcoBoost V-6, which is found under the hood of the Explorer ST. Assuming that is the engine of choice here, we can expect this future version of the Bronco to pack at least 400 horsepower.

Another remaining question here is what Ford will call the beefier Bronco. Logic would suggest the Raptor moniker will find its way to this Bronco, but some rumors suggest it will have a unique badge. MotorTrend reports Ford has recently trademarked the term “Warthog,” speculating this could be the Bronco Warthog.

Time will tell what name this Bronco bears, but one thing is certain: Ford hasn’t shown its entire hand when it comes to the revived Bronco.