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Ford Makes An Even Lighter GT

Ford Makes An Even Lighter GT

Apparently the Ford GT supercar just wasn’t badass enough for Ford. As such, today Ford announced the GT Competition Series. The Competition Series are adds several light-weighting tactics and a few unique bits to make the GT just a little more track-ready.

In an effort to shed some pounds Ford swapped out the back glass to Corning Gorilla Glass, which is thinner (thus lighter) than the base car. The windshield of all GT’s is already made out of the same glass that’s found on most handheld electronics. The engine hatch cover has always been swapped out with a Perspex® acrylic cover. Additionally, bits such as the A-pillar and outside mirrors have between swapped out with carbon fiber versions to shed grams.

Making the car look a little unique, the Competition cars gain carbon fiber racing stripes on the outside. Inside the cars will feature Alcantara fabric with red and carbon fiber accents.

Despite today’s announcement, apparently the Competition Series package has been available on the GT since the order banks open. As such, it is being reported that the dry weight of the car that was reported as the base GT, was actually the GT Competition Series. The dry weight of the GT was originally reported as 3,054 pounds.

So actually, ordering a Competition Series car is going to get you the weight you thought was the base GT.


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  1. nsaporito
    I want to comment on the last part of this...

    Ford releasing the dry weight figure of the "GT" as X, but not disclosing it was of the Competition Series is crooked. Especially crooked when they parade the Competition Series out later as a new announcement.

    Spin, spin, spin!
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