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Ford Considering Baby Mustang Mach-E Based On VW Platform

Ford Considering Baby Mustang Mach-E Based On VW Platform

Ford Motor Company’s quest to use the Mustang badge on a battery-electric vehicle isn’t ending with the recently-revealed Mustang Mach-E. The company is reportedly hoping to leverage its new alliance with Volkswagen to build another Mustang EV variant.

News of the possibility comes from Auto Express who reports Ford executives and engineers recently met with counterparts from Volkswagen to discuss how Ford could leverage VW’s MEB architecture. The MEB architecture is underpinning nearly every battery-electric vehicle Volkswagen has in the pipeline and is flexible enough to spawn front or rear wheel drive models.

The report alleges Ford was talking to VW about MEB because the company is considering leveraging MEB to develop another Mustang electric SUV, only this one would come in smaller than the 2021 Mustang Mach-E.

Despite Ford’s aspirations of using MEB for another Mustang EV, there are some hinderances. The geometry of the MEB architecture is very cab-forward, meaning the hood on MEB cars is usually very short (there’s no need for an engine bay, after all) which runs counter to the typical Mustang design aesthetic. It’s unclear if Ford and VW were able to hash out if this concern could be overcame.

While conversations are apparently already underway regarding another Mustang EV, this proposed future product isn’t likely approved for production just yet. Ford is likely waiting to see what customer reception looks like on the upcoming 2021 Mustang Mach-E before it fully confirms an entire family of Mustang EV’s.


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