Fiat-Chrysler is considering a full-size SUV based on the next-generation Ram platform. At least that is what Ram brand chief Mike Manley told the Detroit Free Press. Manley also confirmed suspicions that FCA is looking at the hot midsize pickup segment.

An all-new Ram is expected to launch in January 2018, which will bring with it an upgraded version of the truck’s body-on-frame chassis. Manley states that the chassis would be a perfect match for a full-size SUV, giving strong indications that such may really come to fruition.


Developing a competitor to GM and Ford’s full-size SUVs makes a lot of sense for FCA, who has never really dabbled in what is one of the most profitable segments in the industry. Lower gas prices have led to the segment to see new signs of life, with GM selling over 200,000 of their full-size SUVs in 2015 alone. Competition is about to heat up further with Ford launching their all-aluminum Expedition.

The timing of when this theoretical SUV would launch is unclear, but one can comfortably assume it will be after the new Ram. Manley did confirm that such an SUV would not be part of the Ram lineup, but rather one of FCA’s other brands, such as Dodge.

Manley also confirmed that FCA is taking another look at the midsize pickup segment, which is a segment the Ram brand would dabble in. Of course in order to compete in this segment, FCA will have to develop a new midsize truck chassis to underpin said truck, which isn’t cheap. It remains to be seen if FCA has the time and financial resources to make this one happen.