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Fisker Reveals $37,499 Ocean EV Crossover

Fisker Reveals $37,499 Ocean EV Crossover

Electric automaker Fisker is at it again. This time the brand is revealing a mainstream EV, dubbed the Ocean. This battery-powered crossover is slated to go on sale in 2022, but was just revealed ahead of this year’s CES Show.

Most folks think of the Karma sedan when the name Fisker is mentioned, but the new Ocean looks nothing like the Karma. In fact, it doesn’t share a single design cue with it. Company founder Henrik Fisker told his team to yield a design that looks distinctive from the rest of the sea of electric crossovers hitting the market.

Generally speaking, Mr. Fisker’s wishes were granted. The Ocean looks fairly distinctive with a fairly boxy shape and blunt proportions. That said, we can’t help but notice a bit of Kia Soul in the front clip.

One unique design trait that proves functional is a solar panel on the roof of the Ocean. Fisker says this panel will generate about 1,000 miles of range per year for folks who live in sunny climates. The automaker acknowledges that it isn’t much, but says it will continue to improve the solar hardware with software updates.

The sun will be supplying power to a lithium-ion battery pack that has about 80-kWh of power. Fisker is saying the Ocean will be good for about 250 to 300 miles of range per charge. Ocean owners will have access to Electrify America’s charging network in the U.S.

While many details–including the interior as a whole–are still unknown, Fisker has already disclosed the price point for the Ocean. It will start at $37,499 before local and federal tax credits. Buyers can also opt for a unique leasing option that calls for a $2,999 down payment and $375 per month for basically any time period the buyer wants.

Production of the Fisker Ocean is slated to commence in late 2021. The company says it plans to produce two other vehicles off the Ocean’s platform, with a target of manufacturing one million vehicles between 2022 and 2027.

Folks interested in the Fisker Ocean will be able to reserve one online for a $250 deposit in the coming days.


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  1. Tone
    Nice looking. Price seems too good to be true, but batteries are the biggest cost of an EV and battery prices continue to decline. I suspect there will come a point within the next decade where EVs have a cost advantage -- as batteries get cheaper and ICE cars need to become even more complex to meet regulations and customer expectations. If the pricing here is the beginnings of that happening, the game will be changing very, very quickly.

    Interesting times!
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