Startup manufacturer Elio Motors Inc. announced today that it has completed its first E-Series test vehicle, one of 23 that the company plans to produce.

Code-named the E1A, the three-wheeled vehicle will be used by the company and its suppliers to perform aerodynamic, safety and durability tests to help finalize the design prior to production. Once testing is completed, 100 pre-production vehicles will be built at the Elio Motors manufacturing facility in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Funded largely by a crowd-sourced stock sale that raised close to $17 million, the E-Series is considered to be a major deliverable in the company’s move towards production of a vehicle that will sell starting at $6,800 and achieve fuel economy ratings of up to 84 mpg.

Elio Motors has received 55,000 reservations for its initial offering. The company plans to produce at least 250,000 vehicles annually.