Aston Martin and the Red Bull Racing Formula One team have unveiled a hypercar concept that will be powered by a 1000 hp V12 engine and cost up to $4 million when it hits the market in 2019.

Code-named the AM-RB 001, the two-seater will be produced in limited numbers, with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer estimating that between 99 and 150 units will be built at the company’s factory in Gaydon, England.

To keep the weight below 1000 kg, the car eschews hybrid powertrains like those adopted by McLaren and Ferrari in favor of a naturally-aspirated Aston Martin V12 engine. The carbon fiber body is designed to yield a 1 to 1 power-to-weight ratio.

Aston Martin and Red Bull say that the first prototypes of the AM-RB 001 will arrive late in 2017.

If you’re looking for a grocery-getter that will provide F1-level performance you’ll have to wait… the AM-RB 001 is “already oversubscribed.”