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Report: BMW X8 Super-Luxury SUV Possible

Report: BMW X8 Super-Luxury SUV Possible

This week BMW revealed the Concept X7 iPerformance in Germany to preview the next-generation X7 SUV. While the concept has gotten a lukewarm reception, the production version of the new X7 is nearly ready to rollout and may ultimately spawn a larger, more luxurious X8 model.

According to a report by AutoExpress BMW insiders have claimed that the idea of an X8 is “under serious consideration” within the company. They also claim that company executives have high hopes for the new X7 in markets in which large SUVs are popular, despite the fact this week’s concept did not exactly see universal praise for its polarizing design.

The idea of an X8 to slot above the X7 makes a lot of sense for BMW. We already know that Audi will rollout a Q8 as its flagship SUV offering, and a new Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV will rollout next year. Throw in the ever-growing popularity of SUVs on a global basis, and it seems like an X8 is a no-brainer for BMW.

There’s a couple different avenues BMW can pursue with an X8. The obvious–perhaps easy path–would be to extend the wheelbase of the X7 and add more luxury and power to it. Another option is to take an entirely different design direction, such as more of a coupe SUV path similar to the X6.

At this point we can only speculate, but it sounds like BMW is seriously considering riding the SUV wave a little harder at the high-end of the market.


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