A new report suggests the next-generation BMW 3-Series will feature an all-electric version to combat the likes of the Tesla Model 3. An EV version of BMW’s icon would come in addition to an already-planned plug-in hybrid version of the car, but will probably not launch until later in the car’s lifecycle.

According to UK based AutoExpress BMW is planning a 3-Series with a hefty 90-kWh battery pack that will achieve the coveted 300 mile range figure. The report cites sources in Munich as stating that the car will be called the eDrive Sport and will launch sometime around 2020.

Known as the G20, the next 3-Series is expected to launch in 2018. Unlike the current F30, the G20 is rumored to be a significant shift for the car, starting with an all-new platform. BMW will shift its compact executive sedan to its CLAR platform, which debuted on the new 7-Series. CLAR utilizes carbon fiber and other weight saving technologies to reduce overall mass. BMW insiders have states that CLAR was engineered with electrification in mind.

Atop the new platform is rumored to be a fairly revolutionary design change, including a longer wheelbase than today’s F30 car. In addition to plug-in and EV versions of the car, BMW is also upgrading all of the conventional engines. The new 3 will include a new range of gas and diesel engines, from three-cylinders to six-cylinders.

BMW is currently expected to debut the G20 around a year from now. Sales of the car likely won’t begin until early 2018.