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BMW's iNext EV Projected to Offer 435 Miles of Range

BMW's iNext EV Projected to Offer 435 Miles of Range

BMW’s upcoming battery-electric vehicle is now estimated to offer up to 435 miles of range when it launches in 2021. Known as the iNext, the vehicle was originally expected to offer around 300 miles of range.

The German automaker announced the iNext last May as a shareholders meeting in Germany. At the time the company said the EV crossover would aim for at least 300 miles of range with styling based on the iVision Concept. At the time BMW did not specify if the company meant 300 miles of range on the U.S. or European test cycle.

According to a Motor Trend report, BMW executives confirmed the 435 mile range figure during remarks at the recent Detroit Auto Show. That’s enough juice to give the iNext the potential to one-up competitors such as the Chevrolet Bolt EV and upcoming Tesla Model Y.

In addition to being fully electric, the iNext will launch with Level 3 autonomy, meaning it will be capable of driving itself in most conditions, but a human driver must be present. BMW says the iNext will be developed to ultimately be upgraded to Level 4 autonomy, which would allow for the driver to remove their hands and not actively pay attention to the road visually.

Assuming currently timelines hold, the BMW iNext is slated to arrive sometime in 2021.


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  1. Tone
    What always matters is 435 miles of range according to who? If it's the EU's NEDC standard -- that tends to be wildly optimistic compared to real-world tests. The new Nissan Leaf, which is rated for 150 miles range in North America manages something like 235 miles according the NEDC. So, if BMW achieve 435 miles on the NEDC, that's not really a lot more than Tesla offers today.

    If it's a 'real' 435 miles -- possible as batteries improve density and cost -- that's a bit more noteworthy, though those improvements tend to be available to everybody.
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