BMW AG previewed its vision for the future of urban driving on Thursday with the unveiling of two new Vision Next 100 concept vehicles from its Mini and Rolls-Royce brands.

The Mini Vision Next 100 is designed to be capable of picking up passengers, parking and charging without human intervention. The car will also allow its drivers to change its exterior color to meet personal preferences.

The Rolls-Royce concept, codenamed the 103EX, is a self-chauffeured coupe that extends nearly 20 feet in length. The concept features an electronic virtual assistant named Eleanor, handcrafted Macassar wood panelling and a silk “throne” from which “the most discerning and powerful patrons in the world” can take in their surroundings.

The two concepts are said to embody BMW’s unconventional view of a future in which technology will come to the forefront, shared ownership will be prevalent and drivers will be unnecessary.