Despite not specifically mentioning Tesla by name, BMW calls out the electric vehicle manufacturer in two new commercials that imply that the wait for the highly-anticipated Model 3 may be an extended one.

Set to be televised during the Olympic Games, one of the spots, entitled “Waiting,” features a morose-looking man sitting on his porch as his neighbors drive away in a BMW 330e, while the second ad, called “Wait or Drive,” follows a woman through a parking lot as she passes two vacant charging stations on the way to her BMW 330e.

Since its announcement in March, the Model 3 has generated considerable attention, with 373,000 people reportedly making $1,000 deposits to reserve the car. Believed to start at $35,000 and offer a driving range of 215 miles on a single charge, the compact sedan is not expected to be available until the end of 2017.

The BMW 330e is currently available from $44,695 and offers an EV-only range of roughly 14 miles and 72 mpge.