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BMW Quietly Dropped The 6-Series Coupe

BMW Quietly Dropped The 6-Series Coupe

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have both admitted they will need to prune their respective lineups going forward. Apparently BMW is acting on that talking point already, because they’ve recently dropped the 6-Series Coupe from their lineup without really telling anyone, reports Road And Track.

To be clear, only the traditional 6-Series Coupe has stopped production as of February. The 6-Series convertible and Gran Coupe are still in production and are apparently not going anywhere for now. Such plans were confirmed to R&T by a BMW spokesperson.

The news does not come as a total surprise. Not only has BMW mentioned pruning its lineup, but rumors of the 6-Series demise have surfaced in recent months. Allegedly the 6-Series Coupe will be replaced by the 8-Series nameplate. 8-Series testers have been spy shot in recent months, further solidifying the speculation of the lineup shuffling.

Subsequently, there’s also speculation that the 6-Series name could resurface on the next-generation 5-Seres GT hatchback, but that part of this naming drama is even less confirmed.

The other obvious reason for dropping the 6-Series is sales related. It is no secret that car sales, and coupe sales in general, are dropping and not likely to surge anytime soon.

Expect more reshuffling of the BMW lineup going forward.


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  1. CmicasatheGreatXvX
    Coupe sales are in the tank so it makes sense I guess.

    But they are replacing it with a more expensive coupe. The reality seems.. that outside of Camaro, Mustang, and smaller luxo coupes.. say starting between $30-40K nicely equipped.. manufactures really only see profit in Coupes that are in the upper echelon. I could see Caddy doing the CT7, but starting it in the $70K range.
    Coupe sales are in the tank so it makes sense I guess.
    Literally my favorite car at BWM, preferably in the M config. The 8 will be better no doubt, and justify the high price of entry as most I kno.. always saw a 6series as a 5series Coup and not a 7Series one.. which it is priced more like.
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