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2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan Revealed

2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan Revealed

The BMW 3 Series has been around for nearly 40 years. Over the past four decades the car has become an icon for the German brand and a unsung success. Naturally, BMW is cautious when updating the nameplate, something that is shining through with this redesigned 2019 3 Series.

Dubbed the G20, the 2019 3 Series does not look significantly different from today’s F30. The evolutionary approach to redesigning the 3 Series is almost expected like the sun rising in the east. It’s tough to mess with success.

Despite the evolutionary approach, the 2019 model is visually different. Its iconic grille design is larger, while the headlights flanking it are more blurred together, similar to the new 5 Series design. The body lines and greenhouse design retain their iconic geometry, while the rear too is borrowing 5 Series cues to stick to the latest family look.

The evolutionary theme continues with what is under the hood of the new 3 Series. The 330i will continue to utilize BMW’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but this one has been upgraded to 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque; that’s a reasonable bump of 7 horsepower and 37 pound-feet. BMW says the updated engine will propel the 3 Series from zero to 60 mph in about 5.3 seconds.

Next spring BMW will rollout the M340i and M340i xDrive. Both will be powered by an updated version of BMW’s inline-six, which will offer 382 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, a sizable increase over today’s version. Both the six-cylinder and the 330i will utilize an updated eight-speed automatic transmission. No word yet as to whether or not a manual gearbox will continue to be offered.

The 330e plug-in hybrid will arrive sometime in 2020.

Inside, the new 3 Series continues to offer a driver-focused dash panel. The overall design is not significantly different from the F30, but updated to blend in with other recent BMW interiors. Overall the design is more angular than the outgoing model, while the latest version of BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is housed in the center stack.

The 2019 BMW 330i will go on sale in March 2019 with a base price of $41,190. For those keeping track, that’s actually a cost reduction of $50 over the 2018 model.


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  1. arutherford
    Lexus rear. Same interior design as the last two generations.

    BMW just needs to stop rehashing the same design.
    Also ironic that Toyota now offers a manual as a fun-to-drive option on a cheap Corolla hatch, but the ultimate driving machine is auto-only!
    It's pretty evolutionary design-wise, which is the BMW way. Initial reviews point to a partial return to form from a driving perspective, which is welcomed. One small pick: the tach should be on the left and rise clockwise (conventional) and allow the less important speed reading run counterclockwise. Or, offer a performance guage option with more conventional guages (which might be part of the package -- there's limited photos)
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